Drum N DJ


Linoleum floors, wooden spoons and Tefal were the mediums Brett Jones manipulated as a child to express his innate ability to create. Music and specifically drums were and are a part of his soul. It was this passion for music that drove Brett to bring his talent to the world.

At the age of five Brett sat behind his first set of drums. By age twelve Brett was teaching protégé of his own. At age Fifteen Brett joined a band, with Brett at the helm this band opened for Sam Roberts, played the Canadian Rock weekend and released an independent album which sold over five thousand copies. Influences like Dave Mathews, Carter Boulford, Denis Chambers and Buddy Rich impressed upon Brett the fervour for excellence as he pursued his dream. At eighteen Brett was confronted with a choice: redeem the scholarship offered by Musicians Institute of Hollywood or start an independent recording and production studio. Fierce audio was born. Networking with other musicians through his studio placed Brett on stage at Virgin Fest ’08 and at countless other venues aiding in the success of Brett and the artists who request his ability. Guitar, bass, piano, drums and voice are all tools Brett Jones has honed in order to bring his talent to the masses. Incomparable speed and precision behind the drums combined with an original style enable Brett to lend his abilities to countless genres.


DJ Kav has built a name for himself as one of the biggest DJ’s in Canada. Kav is also one of only a few DJ’s worldwide that reaches millions of listeners monthly.

To club goers, Kav is best known for his talent as a nightclub DJ, and with the crowd-pleasing sought after Drum N DJ brand. DJ Kav along with his Drum N DJ brand have played stellar parties in Calgary, across Canada, Cayman Islands and several dates in Jamaica.  DJ Kav holds his weekly residency at Calgary’s premiere club Boudoir Rouge .  Every  Saturday night Kav transforms the dance floor into a mecca from serious partiers to anyone who just wants to feel good and slip into a carefree night of dancing. 

To radio listeners, Kav holds down Calgary’s #1 mix show on 90.3 Amp Radio www.ampcalgary.com Thursday morings,Monday through Fridays at 5pm, Friday Nights  and every Saturday from Coast to Coast. DJ Kav loves keeping it real to Calgary’s loyal listeners and their need for playing all the hits. 

The key to Kav’s success is his versatility and ability to “feel” the people and the room.  Kav’s broad musical taste and experience make him a confident party DJ that can rock the biggest of mainstream venues to private celebrity parties.  To superstar DJs around the world and many artists that come to Calgary, Kav is known simply as the guy that gets their parties started whenever they’re in town.

DJ Kav has opened up for some of the biggest names in the industry such as; Rihanna, Snoop Dogg, Pitbull, Ludarcris, Sean Paul, Wiz Khalifa, LMFAO, TLC, Far East Movement, DJ Jazzy Jeff, DJ AM, Shaggy, Naughty By Nature, Boyz II Men, Tiesto, Salt N Pepa, Ice Cube and Dave Navarro just to name a few. Kav has performed many high profile special events that include, several Entourage Parties with Kevin Dillon, Universal Music’s Juno After party, Sony Music’s Juno After party and Vivid’s 25th Anniversary Tour.

In an industry where it can sometimes seem like any kid with a pair or turntables can call himself a DJ; Kav’s quiet confidence and consistency stands as a testament to the sort of professionalism that only comes after years as a full-time working DJ can provide.

When asked “What is the key to your success as a DJ?”  Kav’s response was; “I’ve been very fortunate to work with great people and do what I eternally love...music.”

As one veteran of Calgary’s nightclub music community puts it: “No one can put it together better than DJ Kav can.” Which if you’ve seen him in action, you probably already knew.